About Us

The Peas are Lisa Marie, Jim, and Morgan.

We started this podcast in March 2009 because we were looking for a little quality family time. With Jim’s experience in recording, Lisa Marie’s obsession with food, and Mo’s ability to keep everyone laughing, we decided a weekly radio-type show would be just the ticket. Our podcast, therefore, covers our food journey as it’s moved from raw vegan to omnivore and how that journey has affected so many other aspects of our lives. We’ve interviewed people from around the globe on topics ranging from wild food foraging to ethics to herbalism. Our podcasts focus on exploring our relationships with our environment. We rarely censor and always edit with a light hand. What you get here is raw and authentic.

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Sweet Peas Podcast was created from a love of sharing information. It continues to be run from that same place. If you value what we’re doing and would like to support us, we appreciate your donation.